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  • Edward Scullin
    Nov 3, 2001
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      David, If you do it, you could provide links to the page that have
      the Marklin and Micro trains stuff shown alraeady (Z world etc).
      What i would like to se is either three or four pictures of the same
      thing (Side, End, Top and if needed an Obverse). That way we could
      get a better handle on how things might appear if we had one to look
      at. This would apply to cars as well as locomotives.
      just a thought
      Ed Scullin

      > Now, my main concern is bandwidth, so resolution would have to be
      > kept
      > down. I'll think about a way to set this up. I encourage any
      > suggestions!
      > -David
      > At 05:39 PM 11/3/2001 +0000, you wrote:
      > >This post is directed for David Karp for consideration.
      > >
      > >I really like this idea of a virutal museum from Daniel Baechtold.
      > >I think he is really on to something. Now here is what I was
      > >thinking...
      > >David, your web site www.zscale.org is probably one of the most
      > >professional looking and best conceived sites in any model
      > >railroad scale. The content has already become a reference for
      > >Z_Scale members and it continues to develop at a good clip.
      > >
      > >I have also noticed that you have a growing collection of US and
      > >relatively scarce European models. Hmmm...
      > >
      > >So...how much space do you have available on your server?
      > >Would you like to host a photo gallery of Z items as a reference
      > >source for the Z universe?
      > >
      > >I would be happy to supply photos of the NMRA Heritage cars as
      > >well as my scratch built stuff. I'm sure that Hans Riddervold,
      > >Harald Freudenreich, Rob Kluz, Reynard Wellman, Chris Miller,
      > >Bob Olsen et al would agree to have their products posted in the
      > >"MuZeum".
      > >
      > >What say you?
      > >
      > >Cheers,
      > >Jeffrey MacHan
      > >SIG disturber!
      > ___________________________________________
      > http://www.zscale.org/

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