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7086Re: [z_scale] Pneumatic turnout motors

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  • Bill Hoshiko
    Nov 3, 2001
      Well David,

      It sounds like you're well on your way toward using the Del-Aire system.

      As for the compressor I guess that you can find enough people standing
      around with a lot of hot air and you can just tap them for all the air
      that you will be needing. I am not volunteering. My hot air runs out
      much too quickly. Do not try to verify with my grandkids. <;o))

      Over the years I have been attracted to this system but at this moment I
      will stick to a manual push rod system. If I were to build a layout
      that extends more than 10' then perhaps I'll consider a pneumatic

      Just show us pictures of how yours comes out.

      El Toro

      "D. A. Karp" wrote:
      > Bill,
      > Thanks for the response. Del-Aire apparently makes special
      > distribution
      > centers for controlling multiple turnouts with a single control. They
      > also
      > make toggle and pushbutton controls, and even have
      > electrically-activated
      > switches for DCC and remote operation. It seems the technology has
      > come a
      > long way since the 50's...
      > -David
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