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70826Re: New MTL Z scale body style

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  • Kevin
    Jul 2, 2012
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      Its not a new body style. It the same body as the one before.

      Hobby Crafts N More

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Malcolm Cleaveland <mcleavel@...> wrote:
      > Folks,
      > Micro-Trains has released a new Z scale body style without an
      > announcement. In the July Micro-News they show a release of CP Rail
      > Gundersons. It clearly says "53" on the sides, showing that they have a
      > well capable of stowing 53' containers. Since the old MTL Z scale
      > Gunderson only had a 48' well, this must be a new body style, although it
      > has the old 540 part number. Surely MTL would never deliberately try to
      > deceive their customers by claiming a car with a 48' well actually has a
      > 53' well? If they were to do that, it would be a pretty shoddy business
      > practice, not to mention really bad modeling.
      > CheerZ,
      > -- Malcolm Z
      > MCZ Models
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