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70797Z Scale Storm Sewer Grates

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  • Great lakes
    Jun 30, 2012
      Z Scale Storm Sewer Grates
      Great Lakes Models

      This is our new product for July
      available at www.greatlakesmodels.com

      Z Scale Storm Sewer Grates
      #010 002 415 002

      6 Sewer Grates


      These are modeled off of an actual Storm Sewer Grates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The same style has been used since the turn of the 20th Century through present day; throughout the Midwest and east coast, from big cities to small towns.

      These Sewer Grates feature intricate details to allow for a more custom fit to your layout.

      Options for use:
      1) Sewer Grate next to curb.

      2) Sewer Grate in alley

      3) Anywhere storm water needs to drain.

      Great Lakes Models
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