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70681Re: [Z_Scale] Wiring question

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  • Jeff
    May 31, 2012
      There is a public document on how and where to mill the chassis to fit a decoder. Think its in the Files section here.

      At less than 1/2" sq by <1/8 thick, it doesn't take much to make it fit inside. Believe me, you don't want tethered units !

      Don Fedjur from ZoCal Z mills the chassis and installs wheel wipers to improve running.
      Jeff M
      SF Bay Area Z

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      Subject: [Z_Scale] Wiring question

      What gauge / type wire should i use to wire 3 micro trains locomotives together? I have 2 powered F7 "A" units and one Dummy "B" unit.
      What I would like to do is wire a decoder to each A unit with just enough wire to run it out the back of the A and into the B where i could hide the decoder itself.
      By housing the decoders in the B unit I would not have to worry about trying to squeeze a decoder under the shell + I could tie the pickup wires from each unit together to provide better pickup.

      I know I would have to speed match them before wiring them together permanently.

      What do you think is it worth a try? or would finding wires small and flexible enough to do this not be sufficient to power the decoders & motors?



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