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7068Re: [z_scale] Pneumatic turnout motors

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  • D. A. Karp
    Nov 3, 2001
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      Thanks for the response. Del-Aire apparently makes special distribution
      centers for controlling multiple turnouts with a single control. They also
      make toggle and pushbutton controls, and even have electrically-activated
      switches for DCC and remote operation. It seems the technology has come a
      long way since the 50's...


      At 06:47 AM 11/3/2001 -0800, you wrote:
      >Hi Dave,
      >Those pneumatic turnout machines have been around since the 1950s.
      >People who use them swear by them. They are quiet and, since they do
      >not snap like a solenoid, they are much friendlier to the solder joints
      >in your switch.
      >The only negative that I have read about them is that you cannot have
      >more than one switch to control one turnout. This would be a problem
      >only if you have more than one control panel. That is, if you have a
      >mainline control panel and a yard panel and need to control the same
      >turnout from both.
      >If you need to power route through your switch machine you would have to
      >make your own electrical contacts but that should not be much of a
      >With a little work you could even build a little switch stand to
      >indicate which route the track is aligned to.
      >If you are building a module or a portable layout you will have to take
      >along an air compressor with a tank. Without a tank, your air
      >compressor would need to be chugging all the time.
      >Another consideration might be the method used to control the turnout.
      >I think that you need to twist a valve open or closed. Some people
      >prefer throttles with knobs over push buttons. Others prefer to control
      >their turnouts using a lever switch instead of a push button. Maybe
      >turning a valve on and off is not your idea of throwing a switch.
      >I hope this helps.
      >El Toro

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