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  • de Champeaux
    May 9, 2012
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      Hi folks. NZT's' announcement is really great news. I do concur, it'll be great improvement over non-MTL couplers, such as AZL's Autolatch. However, as most of my rolling stock is MTL's Magnematic equipped, I can say that switching operations are already a reality on my layout... What I'm hoping with NZT's news? Non-MTL cars (AZL, FT, IM, etc), RTR with "switching-compatible" couplers, such as were FR and AZL's items prior to weird MTL's policy regarding coupler licencing.



      From: Malcolm Cleaveland <mcleavel@...>
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      Cannot agree more. The moment I saw the flyer, the words "Game changer"
      flashed through my mind. If anyone can do it, it's David K. Smith.

      Since most Z scale rolling stock now has integral truck+coupler combos
      instead of the more prototypical body mount couplers, it will be a
      necessity for NZT to partner with AZL or some other truck+coupler producer
      to make OEM rolling stock and convert old rolling stock from AZL,
      Intermountain and Full Throttle. Who is going to step up to that
      challenge? If NZT does come out with a truck+coupler combo as well as a
      standalone coupler, I foresee a massive conversion job.

      The prospect of practical switching in Z with AZL, Full Throttle and
      Intermountain rolling stock is incredible. Most model RRers in the other
      scales do not see Z as a credible model RRing venue because very few Z
      scalers do operating. This could be the game changer. Not that we need
      validation from all those other scales, but we might gain some converts.

      -- Malcolm Z
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