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70494RE: NZSC Arrival in Denver

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  • Malcolm Cleaveland
    May 2, 2012

      Lynn and I will be arriving in Denver on a United flight about 10:20 on
      Thursday. (That's assuming all goes well, at the last convention United
      missed connections and we had to drive all night from Portland to Medford
      to make the MTL factory tour.) We will be picking up an intermediate size
      rental (think Toyota corolla or equivalent) at Enterprise thereafter and
      plan to drive up to Longmont to tour the Intermountain factory. If anyone
      wants to ride along after meeting us at the airport, they are welcome to
      come. Should be plenty of space in the trunk for luggage,we travel light.
      We will not be staying at the Red Lion but could drop you there after the

      Contact me offlist if you are interested. I figure we could take 2 in
      comfort, 3 Z scale friends if comfort is no object.

      -- Malcolm Z
      MCZ Models
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