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70489Re: [Z_Scale] NZSC Arrival in Denver

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  • John Kellett
    May 1, 2012
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      To catch the shuttle, go out doors #509 and go across to Island #3.  John

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      Jeff, its not nice to laugh at Don like that. :D


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      From: Jeff
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      Ha Ha !

      Jeff M
      SF Bay Area Z

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      Folks, just a heads up if you are flying in to Denver and plan to use the
      Red Lion Hotel Shuttle Bus to bring you to the Hotel. Note the following.

      In your baggage claim area at Denver, there is a courtesy phone with a whole
      list of area hotels. If you dial "27", you get Red Lion and they will tell
      you to go to door 508 and go to the 3rd island where all hotel shuttle
      busses make pick up stops.

      Be sure to tell them on the phone that you want to go to Denver Southeast on
      Parker Road. Carefully look at the bus that picks you up, you want the Red
      Lion DENVER SOUTHEAST, ask the driver to be sure.

      If you do not confirm Parker Road and Denver Southeast, expect to take a cab
      for $40-$50.00 from the airport to the hotel or where the wrong Red Lion
      Hotel bus ends up......because you got on the wrong one.

      Fair warning >-)-

      Don Fedjur
      mobile phone; 760-861-5161

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      Z-scale: minimum siZe, MAXIMUM enjoyment!
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