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7038Pneumatic turnout motors

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  • D. A. Karp
    Nov 2, 2001
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      Hi all,

      I've been looking for an overly-complicated method of controlling all of
      the turnouts on my layout from underneath the table
      (http://www.zscale.org/articles/undertable.html), but I just can't get
      excited about the standard solenoid mechanisms out there.

      A review on page 23 of the November 2001 issue of Model Railroader of the
      Del-Aire pneumatic switch machine system caught my eye
      (http://www.delaire.com/). I'd be able to get prototypical speed in a
      small space (unlike the large Tortoise mechanisms), extremely quiet
      operation, built-in support for ladders and other complicated routes, and
      best of all, it would be really cool. Has anyone had any experience with
      this system or one like it?


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