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69496RE: Replacing dead motors

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  • Malcolm Cleaveland
    Feb 1, 2012

      Don Fedjur e-mailed me and will see what he can do with my dead engines.
      Someone asked me how I burned them out. The answer is, I don't think I
      did. I brought one of subject locos to the 2005 NTS in its original
      wrappings for a little BYOZ running, but it never ran. Rob Albritton was
      kind enough to dissect the loco (I think Hans may have observed the
      operation, not sure). Rob tested everything out and finally decided that
      the motor was DOA. The other loco never ran either, so I suspect that its
      case was similar. Both of these were Aijin locos, and I suspect that
      quality control was not their long suit. Either that or they managed to
      burn out the motors in a test run. But I suspect there was no test run,
      just defective motors out of the box.

      A disclaimer here. I'm not knocking AZL here; they have a **marvelous**
      product line and most of my AZL locos are great runners. In fact, I've
      had better luck with AZL locos than MTL locos, although I have some MTL
      locos that are great runners, too. Maybe I'm just a bit snakebit where
      MTL locos are concerned.

      Lesson: This hobby needs to expand its service capabilities. Too many
      people who repair N scale stuff won't touch Z scale. That hurts us. God
      bless Don Fedjur and the Stiskas and those other brave souls who venture
      where the all-thumbs (like me) fear to tread.

      -- Malcolm Z
      MCZ Models
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