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68559Announcing the Start of a Whole New Z Product Line

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  • ladyrejoicer
    Oct 31, 2011
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      It has arrived! The first kit from the TownBuilder System collaboration:
      Plain Jane's Thrift Store. How did we come to choose this modest little
      storefront? We had two primary motives. For starters, we didn't want to
      go overboard with our first kit, since this was a completely new
      venture into new territory. Likewise we wanted a relatively simple kit
      for modelers, since we're introducing a somewhat unusual style of
      construction—that being mixed media.

      At the same time, we clearly wanted to demonstrate the strengths of this
      approach to kit design, so there's some really nice brickwork featured
      on the otherwise ordinary building face. And details abound, from the
      cut granite wall caps to the fancy window cornices and sills; from the
      scuppers and downspouts to the electric meter. Not to mention the
      fully-decorated window displays! We also provide the builder with some
      choices; an alternate sign turns it into Top Drawer Athletics, and
      there's even alternate window decorations.

      Of course, this is just the beginning. We have so much more in store for
      Z Scale, because each month will bring a new TownBuilder System
      release. By this time next year, you'll have an entire Z Scale town at
      your disposal—hence the name of our product line. So watch this
      space to see what Stonebridge Models <http://www.stonebridgemodels.com>
      and NZT Products <http://www.nztproducts.com> have in store for you!

      TBSZ-0001: Plain Jane's Thrift Store
      Introducing the first in a series of Z Scale classic American downtown
      structures from the TownBuilder System, a collaboration of talent
      dedicated to bringing you the finest kits possible. Plain Jane's Thrift
      Store (a.k.a. Top Drawer Athletics) is not based on a specific single
      prototype building, but is instead representative of timeless
      architecture unique to Anytown, USA.

      Featuring authentic styling and exceptional brickwork, this lighted kit
      is highly detailed yet easy to build, requiring no special tools or
      skills. Everything you see in the photos is included—right down to
      the complete window displays!
      Exploiting the salient qualities of different media, this hybrid kit is
      comprised of super-detailed first-generation high-pressure resin
      castings, molded in a rich brick color, plus precision laser-cut
      windows, doors and other parts. Together these high-quality components
      produce an outstanding structure suitable for a foreground location on
      any layout. Check out the copious detailing: the wall caps and front
      window sills have a remarkable cut granite texture; the back wall
      features scuppers and downspouts, electric meters, and a (non-working)
      light over the door. Plus, you have your choice of two signs and two
      sets of window displays. We believe it's the most detailed kit of its
      kind in Z Scale, all at an affordable price.

      Assembled size: 1.24"w x 1.8"d x 1.6"h (31.5 x 46 x 40.8mm)

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