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68341Re: [Z_Scale] Gatorboard & Ultraboard

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  • Don Fedjur
    Oct 1, 2011
      Plant the seed.......it will grow. I will be bringing some Ultraboard to our rondezvous at Henri's tomorrow.


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      Nice bit of tutoring and mentoring Don. Valuable info you shared.

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      From: Don Fedjur
      Date: 9/30/2011 11:31:58 AM
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      Ultraboard is the way to go. I am a product manager and expert in digital
      graphic printing applications where my customers use these products. The
      Ultraboard product is simply better because it uses a styrene laminate vs
      the pulp laminate on Gatorboard or similar Foamcore. That said, it is
      moisture and warp resistant and cuts better, especially with a thin kerf saw
      or reciporcating blade. You can use your table saw to cut the material. I
      have a Dremel 4 inch table saw that works perfect for this product when
      having to cut small pieces.

      In a Commercial Display Graphics print and cut applications, the material is
      cut out automatically with a precision flatbed cad/camera cutting system.
      Therefore, needs to be very firm/rigid/flat and cut cleanly when a knife or
      blade cuts through it. And....the quality of the material needs to be such
      that the blade does not "wander" as to create an un-uniform edge. Where you
      ll find this product is sign supply company's, who sell to sign shops,
      exhibit display company's, screen printing company's.

      The use of polyurethane glue such as Gorilla Glue is perfect for this
      product. Also, you can Dado Router the material to increase it dimensional
      stability for construction of ribs or vertical and horizontal supports.
      Super light weight!

      Find a Display Graphics company in your area and go dumpster diving. A good
      portion of the scrap that is thrown out or recycled is very usable for
      Z-Scale. Good luck, hope this info. helps you out.

      Don Fedjur

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