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67680Re: [Z_Scale] Re: AZL GP-30 Fever

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  • harold grady
    Jul 31, 2011
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      Thank you so much Rob A. and Loren. Very good to have  manufacturers who are so finetuned to their product and the consumers appreciation thereof.
      Harold Grady

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      Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: AZL GP-30 Fever
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      Date: Sunday, July 31, 2011, 9:22 AM


      Hi Harold & Loren,

      I love question time!


      Q: What is the cost of this beautiful beast?

      A: MSRP $159.00


      Q: What road will be shipped first?

      A: Unknown because we have not done a full Quality Control on the locomotives. With all of our products, we have the factory do a full test of each locomotive before they ship them to us. With the 1st run of a new model, we do a second complete test of each locomotive at the distributor before we ship them to dealers. (We do the same double test at both factory aand distributor for each and every Brass locomotive.) With the GP30, we also have a full supply of spare parts. (We also just got a full shipment of spare parts for GP7 and SD70, so we finally have those available from the factory) This is a very long way of saying that we need to make sure that everyting passed quality control before we ship. From experience, we know that the factory frequently uses aone set of workers to do one particular road name, and another set of workers to do another. We have had batches were say all the NYC locos were perfect, and all the ATSF were rejects and had to be
      made over from scratch! So, once we test, we will know which road name will go out the door first. Expect news the week of August 7th. Thankfully, once I ship to Rob K then I get to go on vacation! Tag, He's IT!


      Q: Loren when do you expect to have it in stock (we all want to buy from you)

      A: Loren gave me a dirty look last time I saw him. You do the math. ;-)


      Q: When do you expect AZL will release the GP-38 ?

      A: Harold, your guess of around Chrismas time or 2012 is about as valid as mine! I have been told Christmas, but I suspect it will slip to early 2012.

      Comment: In my opinion that is the most desired locomotive in Z scale.

      Reply: Damn I hope so. It will be our "entry level" product, so just like the old Rouge locomotives (it uses the same tooling) there will be no window glass, and the handrails will be made of POM instead of Brass, but the price will be truly "entry level" (Think somewhere in the neighborhood of 1/2 the price of the SD70)

      Happy weekend!



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