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  • Ell
    Jul 3 2:24 PM
      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Loren Snyder" <ljsnyder@...> wrote:
      > For a winning combination whether at home or at a show one would need good
      > track work and perfectly running locos and rolling stock. Show attendees would enjoy > > watching trains being made up and put onto the main line.
      > This is an area that is totally lacking at shows, but the day is coming when
      > some group like BAZ or ZoCal will have a functional yard and one club member
      > will have the task of making up trains to be run by the rest of the club members.
      > There is still the problem of being able to uncouple trains anywhere one wishes.
      > I guess having LOTS of uncoupling magnets in the track work is the only
      > answer to having uncoupling option flexibility.
      > There will be somewhat that situation at NTS, but I think there will be a
      > bit more 'hands on' involved than your you tube shows.
      > Your operational smoothness is the goal to be achieved by any group at shows
      > There's nothing quite like smooth operations.......
      > Loren


      As pointed out by Thom and Ellen, a key to including switching operations at a show is to make sure there are other trains running. Motion draws the public. That is one constant I have seen in over 20 years of doing shows. When the trains stop, the public wanders away to other layouts. Switching a train into a siding or a yard and replacing it with another is basically an operation where trains keep moving. Making up a train in a yard will not keep the attention of most of the public for very long. Other trains need to be operating at the same time.

      Ell Geib
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