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67336Re: [Z_Scale] PayPal demand for access to banking information

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  • FT. Dewey
    Jul 1 7:42 AM
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      I always e-mail the vendor and ask if they will accept a personal check (I say they can hold the item until the check clears). No problem.               DEWEY

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      --- On Thu, 6/30/11, Lee Barry <z_scale2@...> wrote:

      From: Lee Barry <z_scale2@...>
      Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] PayPal demand for access to banking information
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      Date: Thursday, June 30, 2011, 10:15 AM

      Malcolm, Lee Barry here. I also have had problems with paypal. All of my "Z" stuff come from Loren Snyder. When I ordered some things awhile back I told paypal that I no longer wanted to use my bank debit card to use paypal, that I would prefer to use one of my credit cards. PayPal is one of the damnedest hardheaded places I've ever dealt with. They went ahead and used my debit card to charge my acct. If you are "QUICK" enough and the VP of the bank you use is a close friend then you can get your bank to refuse the charge, and if you have never used that option before then more than likely they will not charge you for this. Boy PayPal went ballistic, they sent me dozens of threatening e-mails and phone calls. When I knew it was phone cakll from them I would answer it then immediately hang up. I put their number in my do not call list. After that incidence I told Loren I'd more than likely go back to using PO MO. Thios works out better as Loren can take a
      PO MO to the PO and get it cashed, and I know he got his money. Until PP did me that way I was happy using them. It made it so much easier. I don't think they shoud keep my card numbers on file. I think it would be much better for one to use any card they want. Don't think I'll be using them anymore. I too never did not have the funds to cover the amt.  Lee Barry

      --- On Thu, 6/30/11, Malcolm Cleaveland <mcleavel@...> wrote:

      From: Malcolm Cleaveland <mcleavel@...>
      Subject: [Z_Scale] PayPal demand for access to banking information
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, June 30, 2011, 2:59 PM



      I believe that enough of us use PayPal that this should be of interest
      to this list. PayPal is demanding that I give them access to my banking
      information because I "am nearing the limit" of money transferred (almost
      all sent to internet merchants). This is an arbitrary limit. They will
      then fiddle with my bank account and I have to tell them exactly what
      fiddling they've been doing. At no time have I failed to have the funds
      available, nor has there been any irregularity in my transactions. On the
      contrary, once I was defrauded by an individual, Robert Dressel.

      I am highly reluctant to provide this information for several reasons.
      First, I fail to see any justification for this. Second, in the wake of
      numerous security breaches at financial institutions leading to fraud or
      identity theft, I am reluctant to give any unnecessary financial
      information to a remote party such as PayPal. I worry about them having
      my credit card information as it is.

      Am I just being paranoid? What do others think about this intrusive

      -- Malcolm Z

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