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  • Bim Bousman
    Dec 12, 1999
      Hello. I am a new member of the list.

      "Bim" Bousman from Honolulu. Twice retired and still part-time in the
      computer business.

      I bought some "Z" a couple of years ago, put down a few feet of code 40
      track, and then thought about converting some to Nn3 and tried doing a
      locomotive kit. Then I bought a few cheapie "N" 0-4-0's to make HOn30
      out of, and then got a HO loco and put an ugly clumsy looking On30 shell
      on it.

      Now I am thinking that with my low skill level and limited space that
      "Z" might be the best place for me after all. The locos and rolling
      stock look good right out of the box.

      The only time that I mess anything up is when I try to make or do
      something, and therefore reading is satisfying because I do not destroy
      things while I am reading. I look forward to reading posts on this list.

      Bim B