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67077Re: Re : [Z_Scale] Rokuhan track survey questions.

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    May 31, 2011
      Of course, you're right. My previous 2 statements were deailing with non-roadbedded turnouts. But these are definitly what I'm looking for. For various reasons: appearance, and the possibility to lay these on sidings lower than on a main track. However I should give these Rokuhan turnouts a try as I'm not completely satisfied with MTL's and as we're unaware of Wright turnouts' status. If Peter Wright gives up I see only to ways for me in the future: Fast Tracks and Rokuhan.

      >ROkuhan turnout motors are contained within the roadbed of the track so >the only visible piece is the manual operation tab on one side. So you >can wire them above the table surface or below your choice. THe manual >tab can be used for control using Hoffmann or a tortoise switch machines >from below the layout if so desired. The control wires can be cut off at >the edge of the road bed to create a manual switch while still >maintaining the power control of the frog with no wiring or one for use >with below table switch machine.
      >cheers Garth
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