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66917Re: [Z_Scale] Re: GP7 Shell Swap Q

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  • David Epling
    May 9, 2011
      >>BTW folks, the loco Don is referring to as being the one unsolvable loco was
      Don's own loco. He fussed and fumed over that problem child a long time and
      did finally admit defeat. He sent it to me and I promptly took it to MTL
      and they simply replaced it with a new one.
      Never did find out what was wrong with the original, but hey, that is MTL's
      internal problem.<<

      I would put forth the argument that the problem never got fixed, they simply replaced it.

      Gents, We've done everything that has been tossed out here and we still have 4 useless locomotives. Bob will be up late Friday, he's gonna give it one more shot before we regroup and figure out our next move.


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