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  • mark2playz
    Apr 11, 2011
      I agree they are different motors. Your GP35 seems to be a bit slow compared to my GP9s (same motor and chassis). But if you are refering to the 20" x 15" loop from the MTL set, 10-15 seconds at 6 to 8V isn't abnormal for my fleet.
      If you are still concerned, I asked a question to the effect of "how do you know if your loco is running right". I got a good response of tips for tweaks and issues to look for. I'd point you there but I'm on dial-up right now.

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, martin soll <solldesign@...> wrote:
      > Another rather zimple question from a newbie to Z Zcale:
      > Comparing 2 brand new locos right out of the box--Marklin F7 #88603 and
      > Micro-Trains Line (MTL) GP35 #981 01 520
      > Observations:
      > Both have been run more than 20 minutes.
      > Marklin runs mush faster around a simple level oval at a lower voltage and
      > higher current draw (lower wattage).
      > Marklin:--10 seconds, 4 VDC, 44 mA (calculated 176 milliwatts)
      > MTL:------15 seconds, 8 VDC, 24 mA (calculated 192 milliwatts)
      > QUESTION:
      > Do you think there is something wrong with the MTL (e.g. dry or insufficient
      > lube, binding somewhere in the drive train, etc.)?
      > TIA for your time to consider this situation,
      > Marty Zoll
      > EZtacada, OR
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