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  • martin soll
    Apr 11, 2011
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      Another rather zimple question from a newbie to Z Zcale:

      Comparing 2 brand new locos right out of the box--Marklin F7 #88603 and
      Micro-Trains Line (MTL) GP35 #981 01 520
      Both have been run more than 20 minutes.
      Marklin runs mush faster around a simple level oval at a lower voltage and
      higher current draw (lower wattage).
      Marklin:--10 seconds, 4 VDC, 44 mA (calculated 176 milliwatts)
      MTL:------15 seconds, 8 VDC, 24 mA (calculated 192 milliwatts)

      Do you think there is something wrong with the MTL (e.g. dry or insufficient
      lube, binding somewhere in the drive train, etc.)?

      TIA for your time to consider this situation,
      Marty Zoll
      EZtacada, OR

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