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66655AZL Challenger Update

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  • ztrack@aol.com
    Apr 2, 2011
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      Challenger update! We have received the Pacific Fruit Express reefers for
      the Challenger sets. If you have purchased your Challenger directly from
      Ztrack, we are in the process of shipping our PFEs to you. If you obtained them
      through a dealer, the PFEs are in route to your dealer.

      At this time, we have the following Challengers in stock and ready to ship.
      These UP sets come in a large box with the Challenger, caboose and 12x PFE
      reefers. Each with a different road number. The following locomotive and
      sets are available in limited quantity:

      D&RGW Challenger. Single locomotive only.
      17054-1 road number 3800
      17054-2 road number 3802
      17054-3 road number 3803

      UP Challenger - coal tender. Comes with brown caboose and 12 PFE reefers
      17051-2 road number 3950

      UP Challenger - coal tender. Comes with yellow caboose and 12 PFE reefers
      17053-1 road number 3960
      17054-2 road number 3968

      UP Challenger - oil tender. Comes with yellow caboose and 12 PFE reefers
      17053 road number 3985

      We have received many requests concerning the PFE reefers. At this time,
      the PFE reefers are not available separately. Look for further announcements
      on special PFE sets coming from AZL.

      Check out photos of the Challengers at:


      Rob Kluz

      Ztrack Magazine Ltd.
      Distributor American Z Line
      6142 Northcliff Blvd
      Dublin OH 43016
      (614) 764-1703

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