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66604Re: Marklin coupler conversion

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  • rvn20012000
    Mar 27, 2011
      I haven't used the Zelatory conversion kits, since they weren't available when I converted mine but they might be the easiest way.

      There are 2 other ways to do the conversion. You can remove the Marklin couplers and boxes from the trucks and install body-mount couplers to the cars or you can replace the Marklin couplers with short shank couplers from Micro Trains. I would opt for the body-mount couplers if I were to do it again. The only thing you need to be careful about is to remove just the coupler box and leave the piece that helps hold the axle in place.

      To replace the Marklin couplers you need to either slice off the tips of the plastic pins that hold the metal cover in place on the Marklin coupler box or pry the metal cover off and hope you can get it back on. Once you've replaced the coupler with the short shank MTL coupler you will need to re-melt the plastic pins with either a hot pin or needle or hot soldering iron. You need to be careful to not melt the pins too much or the coupler won't work.

      Thom Welsch

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Alex" <techrepjapan@...> wrote:
      > I recently aquired a Marklin #81438 "Diamond Special Train Set" Illinois Central Railroad.
      > I want to convert all the Marklin couplers to knuckle-style. Yes... I know about "The Zelatory" conversion kits. But... I would like to hear from folks that have performed the conversions themselves, with or without using the Zelatory kits. Or... Does anyone know of someone with experiance in performing the conversions for a fee?
      > ThankZ,
      > Alex
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