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66429NTS 2011 - March Update

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  • sj_baz_man
    Mar 2, 2011
      Attention all Z Scalers. FIVE months until NTS.\

      In approximately ONE month, NTS will inform us about our layout space. Then we can either accept what they give us (meaning less than I asked for) or fight to get back to some respectable level. THEN, I can work on sorta finalizing 2 layout options (plan A and B - and nothing is final until we setup as there are always obstacles, unplanned events etc.).

      NOTE: I STILL have NOT received pictures of Jerry Craig's modules.

      I have seen others and I know a lot of you, especially the ZoCal guys, are cranking out more modules. We VERY likely will NOT be able to fit them all in, HOWEVER, it will give us greater flexibility. Just make sure they have ABSOLUTELY been "show" tested which means you have actually run dozens of times across them and the wiring validated. We SERIOUSLY need at least another 4-way 'cross' or at least a Tee - Don ;)

      For DCC users, the BAZ BoyZ modules will be in the middle-ish and supply up to 5 Amps. However, mainlines are normally limited to 1-2 Amps (programmable) to avoid serious damage do to the inevitable unattended trains. There are almost no modules with turnouts so we should have the least of an issue for protection EXCEPT for Rob Ray's Pair-o-Dice module and Dave Lancaster's End module. Rob's module will be isolated an locally protected so in case of any derailments in the turnouts, we don't take down 36' of mainline with other trains running on it. Dave Lancaster also has a 5 Amp Power Pro system that can be isolated into a Booster if needed but either way, he will absolutely need to isolate his module from the mainline and, provide 4 circuit breakers to protect the 2 mains and all the parallel tracks. We CANNOT have people putting trains on the active powered tracks and/or moving rolling stock or locos 'accidentally' onto the mains and taking down 78' of mainline !

      This is going to be Soooooo much fun !

      Jeff M
      SF Bay Area Z