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66212AZL releases 3564 gondolas, new freight cars!

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  • ztrack@aol.com
    Feb 3, 2011
      American Z Line has announced the release of 3564 modern 60' gondolas.
      These gondolas represent an all new piece of rolling stock to the AZL line. AZL
      has released two road names:

      90252-1 runner pack, road numbers: 491004, 491016, 491022, 491033
      91252-1 single, road number: 491037

      Canadian Pacific
      90253-1 runner pack, road numbers: 355022, 355003, 355018, 355064
      91253-1 single, road number 355065

      The gondolas feature intricate pad printing, blacken metal wheels and AZL's
      AutoLatch couplers. MSRP is $117.00 for the runner packs and $35.00 for the
      single cars.

      AZL has also released two other cars this month. The final PS2-cd three bay
      covered hopper from the first series has been released.

      90918-1 runner pack, road numbers: 87336, 87473, 87956, 87990
      91918-1 single, road number 88049

      The MSRP for the runner packs is $125.00 and the single car is $32.00.
      Note, the single cars are already sold out at the manufacturer.

      Finally, AZL has released a single DTTX 53' well car with SeaLand and CSX

      91601-1 road number: 620585

      The MSRP is $46.00. Supplies are limited.

      For images of all of the new releases, please see:


      Rob KLuz

      Ztrack Magazine Ltd.
      6142 Northcliff Blvd
      Dublin OH 43016
      (614) 764-1703

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