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66192Re : [Z_Scale] Marklin isolating railjoiners

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Jan 31, 2011
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      >Now the question: To wire up a good block signaling and managment >interface it is needed to isolate sections of track, now does marklin >have the isolating rail section but it's a bit limited in aplication, the >other option would be isolating rail joiners, I have seen them advertised >so I know they are out there but has anyone used them? And what is their >qualety, do they damage easy, do they give a good isolation and do the >line up propperly without causing derailments?

      In my opinion their main problem is their unsymetry: one side long, one side short. That implies the rail on the short side can easily pop out of the joiner. That's why for all my insulations I prefer to use Atlas code 55 insulated joiners that are symetric and that match with my MTL flextrack and Wright turnouts. But although I don't use it, I bet these work with Marklin track system as well.