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  • trainssd
    Jan 2, 2011
      I used blue tape up to the edge of the roadbed.

      I took an "acid brush" and cut it down to about 1/4" long, and applied white glue full strength to the sides of the roadbed. The short brush and the masking tape allowed me to get the glue on just the angled side of the roadbed and not the ties.

      I pulled the blue tape and poured ballast all over the sides. This allows complete contact of the ballast and glue.

      After curing overnight, I used a small 12v car vacuum (from Makita) that has a nice filter inside. It has a rectangular nozzle insert that is about 3/4" wide. I was able to vacuum up all the excess ballast without damaging the glued on ballast.

      Now, I poured ballast again between the rails. I used a cut down cosmetic brush, about 1/4" wide. The very soft bristles allowed me to get the ballast level just perfect between the rails, and to sweep the tops of the ends of the ties, and still leave it between the ties. The ballast previously glued to the roadbed helped create a "dam" to help this too.

      Next, I will mask off the area and spray a fine mist of water with a bit of dawn to wet the ballast.

      I have several hypodermics with the needle ground flat that I will use to apply the 50-50 mixture of water and glue.

      That's pretty much the plan.


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Loren Snyder" <ljsnyder@...> wrote:
      > Ok Greg,
      > After reviewing all the suggestions from several of us, I'm curious as to
      > what technique you decided to use for your ballast securing?
      > Loren
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