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65546Re: How real is Marklin?

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  • RMC Scott
    Oct 8, 2010
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      I have been messing with Marklin Z since its introduction in the late 1970's. In NewZealand we could buy lots of it off the shelf at our major model stores this included Faller and Kibri. Then in the 1980s the distribution was given to a particular company whose main business was books and magizines. They escalated the price saying you have to pay for quality . From that point on the availibility of Marklin went down First we had to wait months for a limited range to turn up in stock then it was orders only and now we cant get it at all . There are only a handfull of modelshops left in NZ now.
      The Internet had something to do with this as well because it became much cheaper and quicker to import from the US or Canada even after the exchange rate , duty and sales tax was paid.
      I now buy all my supplies from Eural Hobbies in Canada as they very quick even- if they dont have the item in stock.
      I use Jorger system uncoupling - works much better than Marklin and I get that from Germany also via the internet
      I use CTI computerised block control with smartcab which i get from USA

      We have been used to this for a number of years now It seems in general Modelrailroading has taken a down turn in popularity -for a number of reasons . And all manufacurers are feeling the pinch.


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