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65532Re: [Z_Scale] Re: How real is Marklin?

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  • reynard wellman
    Oct 7, 2010
      Hi Rob,
      I agree, Marklin Z scale is excellent, always performed right
      out of the box and looks good too. After all, the scale is
      their invention in the first place.

      Trying to compete by moving production around to cheaper
      labor markets has often proven to be a big failure for once well
      esteemed companies. It is what happens when your
      outfit is taken over by accountants and lawyers or folks who
      think they are smarter than everybody else.

      Walthers is a distributor, and though they do commission
      and manufacturer many HO and N scale accessories and
      structures, they also do an excellent job of offering a wide
      variety of manufactured items from all sorts of makers.
      Their huge catalogs or "reference books" are something I
      often use just to see what the heck is going on in model
      railroading. Walthers is probably keeping Marklin alive
      during this severe recession.

      I do hope that Marklin regains its creative leadership role in model
      railroading and by bringing the work back home to Germany, it
      should inspire even better Z scale products.

      The Marklin Z scale GG1 is incredible! Sure it can be improved,
      but so should everything else made by our various manufacturers.

      Just ramblin' on


      On Oct 7, 2010, at 7:40 AM, ztrack@... wrote:

      > Mark,
      > A lot of people, myself included, feel that the biggest mistake made here
      > in the US was the downsizing of Marklin Inc (the US subsidiary) and the move
      > towards Walthers. Walthers is just not focussed on Marklin. It is simply
      > 'one of the brands'. Marklin Inc did a tremendous job waiving the Marklin
      > flag, promoting to stores, organizing events, and assisting consumers. Marklin
      > needs that back.
      > On the German political side, there is a strong push to keep the company
      > going. Also, the employees are motivated and the brand is still strong. I look
      > forward to the day Marklin regains in market share here in the US. I know I
      > will continue to promote them and share their Z scale new releases.
      > Rob
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