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65530RE: [Z_Scale] A little history

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  • Melissa Cull
    Oct 7, 2010
      Hi Alan,

      Fabulous thanks for the UK T gauge link. Parts, chassis and even a UK brass
      loco kit - wow! I wish someone would sell parts like that for Z Scale for
      scratch and kit building rather than having to buy a whole new / second hand
      loco and chop it up.

      If as with any other scale manufacturers brought out etched super detailing
      kits in Z then we could have wonderful more to scale steam connecting rods
      and details. I see BLMA do super detailing for USA diesel locos and
      MicronArt do some ladders and brake wheels for wagons.

      As the Japanese being so dextrous with tiny weeny technology have brought
      out T Scale I can see them doing more in Z Scale too.

      Nano technology will break new boundries in tiny models eventually. Look
      what Willard White can do in the eye of a needle - truly stunning but
      totally impractical unless you have a mega expensive microscope to view.

      Overall Z scale still has better scale looking models than much UK N and OO
      scale. Modelling also in British N Scale and O Scale and an occasional
      dabble in OO scale - standards between manufacturers are so variable. I like
      to super detail proprietery, kitbash and scratchbuild to get what I want but
      I'm not a rivet counter more like art perspective if it looks right it is

      Kind RegardZ


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      See www.tgauge.co.uk

      They are UK based and sell all the chassis and parts including bogies etc
      for hacking up your own stuff. Note that for standard gauge the scale
      should be 1:480 and some people use it for that - so its even smaller than
      you might think - just under half Z.

      I don't hold out much hope for steam in Z with current technology. The
      motors are too big for almost any steam, but a bigger problem would be
      the connecting rods and valve gear. In N doing them roughly
      prototypically is on the limit of acceptable robustness, in Z most of
      them are very oversize, and in T you'd probably need materials out of a
      NASA lab !

      I'm surprised we've not seen any US style T stuff yet - the big bogie
      locos, and long bogie wagons are well suited to it.


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