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65526Re: How real is Marklin?

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  • mark2playz
    Oct 6, 2010
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      I'm aware of the first part of your report and I REALLY hope Marklin will survive and prosper. The European focus sounds like a good business plan.
      Unfortunately, here in CA, we've seen too many corporate stories that start with "bought by investment group" and ending with "liquidation sale" not to be concerned about significant changes with the availablity of Marklin products.
      While AZL, MTL and the rest make great products, and I own alot of their stuff too; people still equate Marklin with Z. All three of the train stores I deal with dropped their meager inventory to zero on hearing of the bankuptcy. They've since been convinced to stock some Z items, particularly MTL.
      And frankly there are too many items such as the European models, complete sets and accesories(or the 8592)that you can only get from Marklin that I would hate to see the hobby lose.

      Thanks for the details,

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