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65070Re: Hallmark Keepsake Ornament for 2010

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  • Danny Goodman
    Jul 18, 2010
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      There is a difference between the UP M-1000x trains and Lionel's versions. It's true that the UP (prototype) City of Portland entered service as a 6-car train. But AFAIK, Lionel's version of the CoP was only three cars total with perhaps an available extra car (I don't have any Lionel prewar catalogs to confirm, but their more recent commemorative issue of the M-10000 had an optional extra car). The 752W, 753, and 754 numbers on the ornaments (Lionel numbers) are consistent with prewar models I've seen (although there was also a 752E engine, both in UP colors -- I'm not sure the difference between the two issues, perhaps the E was City of Salina M-10000).

      I have an original copy of the Ranks/Kratville UP Streamliners book, which contains a museum full of photos (including construction and component photos) and drawings of these extraordinary trains. The M-1000x series is by far my favorite in all of traindom.


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Randall Smidt <randy@...> wrote:

      > The M-10000 was a three car set as this ornament set is, but the box says it is a model of (the Lionel toy train of) the M-10001 which was run as a longer train set with a sleeper.  The car numbers used don't quite seem to match up though. 
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