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6507A Small Interest (pun intended)

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  • John Degnan
    Sep 30, 2001
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      Hi folks,

      I must admit right off the bat that I'm not really a Z-Scale enthusiast, but I am looking for a few pieces of Z... just to say I have some. I stick primarily with HO, but am developing an interest in S scale and 2-rail O scale (all prototypical stuff, nothing of the 'toy' nature).

      I am looking for models of SouthEastern based US roads... very specifically speaking - Seaboard Air Line and Seaboard Coast Line. Are there any Z-Scale manufacturers out there making any models in these road names?

      Also... I'd like to get a list of all the Z-Scale manufacturers out there so as to add them to my web site's LINKS page at www.trainweb.org/seaboard/links0.htm. I promote ALL scales of model railroading, so send me a list of the manufacturers you know of and a link to their web page (if they have a web page), and I'll be doing my part.

      Happy 'Rails!


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