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649Re: MRC power supplies

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Dec 3, 1999
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      Hi Ron,

      The 2800 is basically a double 1400. I used MRC 1400's with no problem at
      all on the VEC. If you are afraid of cranking the throttle up too far, you
      can insert a screw or glue a pin in the housing to block the throttle knob.
      One the one occasion that I can remember where a young admirer juiced the
      throttle, the loco derailed at the next curve with no harm done.

      I found that the MTL modified MRC1300 was just a little too weak in the
      amperage department for my tastes. The power transistor finally gave up the
      ghost and MRC sent me a replacement Darlington power transitor which was the
      same power rating as the MRC1400. The throttle has been working great ever
      since (4 years +).

      Enjoy your 2400.


      Jeffrey MacHan
      Val Ease Central RR

      >From: reduck@...
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      >To: z_scale@onelist.com
      >Subject: [z_scale] MRC power supplies
      >Date: 3 Dec 1999 23:08:49 -0000
      >I'm sure I'm rehashing an old subject..but..
      >I have a spare MRC dual power 2800 that I'd like to use on my Z lines.
      >I understand that the Marklins' and MT's can only handle 8v. Can anyone
      >a modification to this power pack? Is it safe to use as-is, as long as the
      >throttle is
      >never pinned open?
      >Ron A
      >CraZy 'bout Zee!
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