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64520Re: [Z_Scale] Wish for Micron Art windows

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Feb 26, 2010
      Hi James,
      Ah, a fan of the Art & Crafts movement! Well made houses,
      rich, warm, uncluttered interiors. Very livable digs.

      Sure, I can make an A & C Zscale version of the
      "Bungalow Windows" and I should. The N scale ones (92101)
      are A & C style. The Z scale (91101), are more along the
      Levittown Style of the early 1950s. The Arts & Crafts era is
      earlier, around the 1910s.

      I'll let you know when these are available.
      Thanks for reminding me that the Arts & Crafts idea is still
      worth pursuing! Would that we could bring such care
      and quality back to the designs of todays structures.


      On Feb 26, 2010, at 6:24 PM, jamesmacburney wrote:

      > Reynard,
      > Anyway I can convince you to make a Z version of your N-SCRATCH
      > 92101-bungalow windows & doors metal etching? It would really help
      > out on my plans on making some Bungalows/Arts and Crafts homes for
      > my layout.
      > Thanks,
      > James

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