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64386Re: [Z_Scale] Re: D51 Japanese Mikado at show yesterday.

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  • Loren Snyder
    Feb 5, 2010
      Just how many do you plan to purchase and more importantly........why?
      Just curious.

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      From: pray59_3
      Date: 2/5/2010 4:29:50 PM
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: D51 Japanese Mikado at show yesterday.

      I am overjoyed that everyone is hesitant to order their D51's, as they are
      on sale till the 11th of February, so as each version come in stock the next
      few days, they will be re-priced from 5% off to 20% off for SAL shipping
      bonus, and I will be snapping them up! I got 7 so far! haha!

      Oh, by the way, they really do look and run beautiful, and that 16 wheel
      electrical pickup just hands down trumps ALL OTHER Z SCALE LOCOMOTIVES

      In fact, this tender electrically wired to a small Marklin steamer (non tank
      versing please) would make it a super smooth runner, even if you just leave
      the tender motor free spinning due to the extra 8 wheel electrical pickup

      Just think if you were able to mount the universal joint to an extended
      motor shaft on the back of the Marklin steamer's motor, and have a dual
      motored loco!

      -Robert Ray

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