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64384Re: [Z_Scale] Re: D51 Japanese Mikado at show yesterday.

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Feb 5, 2010
      Hello Arnim,
      Yes, you are correct. The Tenshodo D51 does
      scale closely to the dimensions cited on
      the Wikipedia page. The length of engine with the tender is
      approx 3.58" to 3.62" (20 M if 1/1).
      Wheel diameter is approx .25" (1M 40cm if 1/1).

      However, without a $10,000 comparator it's almost
      impossible to say exactly. So it looks like most of
      our Z scale stuff is slightly larger in all directions
      than represented. But whose splitting hairs and counting

      This has been fun. I can't wait to run this puppy!

      warm regardZ,
      On Feb 5, 2010, at 5:20 PM, Arnim v. Herff wrote:

      > Am Samstag, 6. Februar 2010 02:16:52 schrieb Reynard Wellman:
      > > 1] There is a difference in Gauge:
      > > D51 = .243", (6,17 mm)
      > > Marklin Mikado = .249" (6,32 mm).
      > > Overall, a very likable little steamer. Looks like it belongs more
      > > in the 1/240 scale realm of choo-choos though and that might be
      > > an odd place to aim for. We'll see after the operations tests.
      > Hello Reynard.
      > The gauge of our favorite "Yellow Steamer" *must* be wrong, as the
      > prototype
      > rolls on "Cape-gauge" (1067mm). (An American loco by Märklin isn't
      > a model
      > but a toy...) In Z scale it should be 4,85mm... So in our standard-
      > gauge-eyes
      > a correct scaled narrow-gauge engine looks too small. Especially if
      > proportions between body and wheel-gauge are definitely wrong. I
      > don't own
      > the model, but maybe you are so kind and measure the length. The
      > prototype is
      > 19730mm long (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JNR_Class_D51) and has a
      > diameter
      > of driving-wheels of 1400mm (http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%e5%9b%bd%e9%89%84D51
      > 形蒸気機関車)*.
      > Should be 89,7mm and 6,4mm in Z.
      > Maybe your estimation about 1/240 is the same phenomena, like a
      > correct scaled
      > American Z diesel looks in my European eyes like scale 1/200... ;-)
      > Greetings Arnim
      > * If you doesn't use unicode-fonts, it is possible that this link
      > doesn't
      > work. Than click on the English page at the left frame in the box
      > "languages"
      > the first link - and copy-paste the URL into your favorite
      > translation-service.

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