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64343D51 Japanese Mikado at show yesterday.

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  • Garth
    Feb 1, 2010
      I had my D51 at a train show yesterday and it ran for 5 and a half hours straight without a stop at 2.5 volts pulling ten cars never got worm and other than the voltage is too small for the LED to really light up it was quite a hit.

      I also had my CP GP35's running on DCC with the operating ditch lights and between these two we created quite s stir at the Ancaster TH&B Show near Hamilton Ontario.

      One thing that really impressed me as a newbie to using DCC was the smoother operation of the pair of GP35's Never had an uncoupling incident which in the past I would see several in a days operating. For the last hour I switched over to DC on these two units with TCS MZA4 installed and even on DC than ran better to-gether with the decoders installed than they did before the decoders were installed and absolutely no tugging which sometimes led to uncoupling. This pair had done at least 7 shows before conversion to DCC.

      Had the train board right down at eye level for the kids and they loved watching me switch the alternating ditch lights on and off and the headlight as the train was running.

      Sold enough N-scale to purchase a few more MZA4's and I can see running longer trains with mid train helpers.

      cheerz Garth
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