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64199Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Decal Printing

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  • Alan Cox
    Jan 8, 2010
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      On Fri, 08 Jan 2010 17:53:21 -0000
      "bill" <technoguy66@...> wrote:

      > Ok, a few dumb questions, I have been contiplating doing a layout for some time, and so I would need to do decals, I was wondering, could use a color copier with decal paper? by using say, N scale or HO decals, reduce the scale to z and copy? just wondering if this would work

      That depends on a few things
      - If you need white in the decals
      - If you have access to a high end copier (cheap ones don't have the
      resolution of scanning)
      - If you own the rights to copy and modify the decals

      Almost all printers and copiers cannot print white, so you either use a
      white backing which limits what you can do or stick them on white or near
      white surfaces.

      The old ALPS printers could do white and some specialist decal printers
      still use them and keep them patched up and running for now. Beyond that
      you need specialist equipment to do decals effectively.

      In the US in particular you also need lots of permissions in order to
      produce original decals based on actual rail company logos and marks. The
      commercial decal producers will have secured licences for the ones they
      produce and may well pay royalties as well.

      For a few cases it'll work. If you've got decal artwork designed to go
      over a white surface, or where you can trim the edges (eg signs) then you
      can rescale larger decals if you have permission to do so (eg many free
      internet downloads or ones made off your own photographs of stuff like
      notices). You would however be far better shrinking them on a computer
      and printing them rather than copying them. Some of the decal papers now
      are suitable for inkjet use, although as inkjet inks are water soluble
      care is needed in working with them.

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