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63939Re : [Z_Scale] marklin point (switch) mods

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Dec 1, 2009
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      > Im wondering if you guys have any ideas or even examples of being able to
      > throw marklin swithches with slo-mo point motors

      Tony, I'm not in the DCC business but a few years ago I began to start on a small module consisting of Peco flextrack as well as Marklin sectional track and turnouts (no MTL flextrack nor turnouts, nor Wright's turnouts at that time..).

      As I've always been upset with side mechanisms associated to turnouts I cut Marklin turnout's side mechanism following what is indicated on this page: http://www.zscale.org/articles/undertable.html .

      I just took care not to cut the end of the point's arm in order to have a Tortoise rod passing through, coming from the Tortoise mechanism I used below. I obtained excellent operating results.

      Hope this helps,