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63916Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Fastening MTL MicroTrack to luan plywood top

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  • Loren
    Nov 30, 2009
      I use CA. While I am not advocating this technique as the best method, I
      find it works well for me because I've used CA for 40 years in my business
      and though I have had some run ins with it at times, (cutting myself free),
      I like it because it is quick and eliminates the "waiting" the other
      adhesive techniques require.

      CA can be used to fasten flex as well as sectional. Just a little bit
      every two or three inches will hold flex in place and I can lay many feet of
      track quickly. The final bonding with water/white glue used for ballasting,
      then secures all of the track nicely.

      I consider CA as extra helping hands to lay track down quickly.

      As an interesting side note, I haven't allowed any gaps in my trackwork on
      my large end module with 26 feet of track soldered together and my module
      has been exposed to cold as well as some heat, (not excessive) and the track
      hasn't moved. Maybe I'm lucky?


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      >I have tried almost all genrally available cenents and have found the most
      >effective to be "The Ultimate" which is generally avilable at Michaels and
      >other art supply stores. It is water based and usable on ALL smooth
      >surfaces as a CONTACT CEMENT.Thin it Carefully and it can be brushed.A hair
      >dryer will speed up operations.
      > Use very sparingly with MTL sections. With flextrack just brush it on ties
      > and roadbed.
      > Cliff
      > --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "elruddick" <elruddick@...> wrote:
      >> What method have you SUCCESSFULLY used to permanently fasten MTL
      >> MicroTrack to the luan plywood top on a module?
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