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63874Re: Fastening MTL MicroTrack to luan plywood top

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  • zbarr474
    Nov 29, 2009
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      Liquid Nails is available at Lowes or Home Depot. Note there are several different formulations. The smaller packages come in tubes much like large toothpaste tubes. The best I have found comes in a bright red tube and works well on foam and cork.



      > I've been reading about the use of Luan Plywood in the use of
      > building Large Format cameras. Based on what I've read in a book I
      > have on that, I don't believe there is anything special about Luan,
      > and things such as "Liquid Nails" should work just fine.
      > Out of curiosity where do you find "Liquid Nails"? It sounds like it
      > might be just the thing to fasten my own Microtrains track down, as
      > well as for a house project I need to take care of.
      > Zane
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