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63656Re: [Z_Scale] Wish I could find pig engine or just the shell fair price

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  • Rick Saviano
    Nov 4, 2009

      A good place to look would be Reynaulds Euro Imports in Elburn,
      Illinois. Elburn is just a little too far away to be considered a
      Chicago suburb, and is definitely half a world away. Reynaulds has a
      web site, which is at the top of the Google search results. They bought
      the old Elburn Bank Building, and much of their stock is appropriately
      stored and displayed in the vault. They go to Germany yearly, and
      usually have some cars that don't normally make it stateside.

      Because of the distance, they are my second choice when I'm looking
      for Marklin, and out of the five places I used to shop for Z, they are
      one of the only three left. My number one place is America's Best
      Trains and Hobbies (in Itasca), followed by Grayland Station in Chicago.

      - Rick Saviano

      thomasc600 wrote:
      > The pig engine is good luck sign use be many my german neighbors would put garland around there holiday door with pigs on it. look even John allen of Gand D fame used aminal for litte humor fact look Gratiot Valley pictures in trainboard I have dragon chasing tall ships.
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