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63598[Z_Scale] Re: AZL Pulling Power & Bullfrog Snot

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Oct 28, 2009
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      Hi Rob,
      Yes, I would like to try this on my AZL GS4 as
      well, but I would prefer it, since you have access
      to them, if you contacted your AZL supplier/manufacturer
      and ask them which driver wheel set
      would be the best to make this modification on
      before doing this myself. (I don't believe this material
      is applied to the "axles").

      The GS4 has a very good electrical pickup system that
      includes the tender wheels as well as all the
      drivers, so there is a good chance that this
      liquid plastic can be applied to at least one pair of
      drivers without seriously degrading contact performance.
      I know that the plastic medium is supposed to be easily
      removed with an X-acto knife, but someone at AZL
      surely must know which drivers would be the best
      to modify first.

      Thanks in advance and best regardZ,

      On Oct 27, 2009, at 7:45 PM, ztrack@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 10/27/09 2:39:07 PM, dstubbs@... writes:
      > EDITED for length
      > >
      > Dave,
      > No these don't have traction tires. AZL only started adding the
      > traction
      > tires with the SD70 and GP7 releases. Someone brought up an
      > excellent idea.
      > This may be a great candidate for Bull Frog Snot. I have tested the
      > material
      > and it really does increase pulling power. It could be a very easy
      > solution
      > to add a band of the Snot around a set of axles.
      > Rob
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