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63480Re: [Z_Scale] table-top z layout

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  • Uwe Liermann
    Oct 9, 2009
      Hello Hitch,

      > I've got a coffee table I'd like to have a layout design for. It
      > measures about 2'x5'. Is there some good software you can recommend
      > that would help me do a layout?

      as Don wrote, there are many software options available, and you will
      probably get as many answers about which is the best one. Giacomo and
      Alan named two who works with Linux. Personally I prefer Raily 4:


      The best is to get the trial versions and just test it.

      Another point is about using a software to plan a layout. In my
      opinion any software is only good at doing the drawing of a plan to
      use on the workbench, for documenting everything and if the software
      has the feature you can let trains run on your virtual layout.

      To get an idea what kind of layout you can do in a defined space it is
      much better to look out for existing plans and customize them.

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