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  • Steve Piwnica
    Aug 3, 2009
      I'm reading the responses and I have to say I'm fairly stunned with the knowledge base this group has.  Lots of good stuff here.  I'll be digesting it for awhile.  Dom and Alan, I hear what you are saying on pre-formed layouts, but first time around I am afraid of getting bogged down on all the planning.  I have actually constructed a 24" by 60" wood frame and top, but that will hold my second layout!  It looks pretty intimidating right now just sitting on the shelf.

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      Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Noch's Tessin layout
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      >Personally I'd avoid preformed layout things. Get yourself a good honest
      >rectangle of plywood and some wood for the framing (or go to Ikea or
      >similar places and buy a nice solid looking shelf) and start from there.
      >Gives you a lot more flexibility and is a lot lot lot cheaper as a
      >starting point.
      >It's also "yours", its different and IMHO being able to say "I made it"
      >rather than "I bought all the parts the book said to" really makes it
      >special in a way I think you have to experienced either in making a model
      >or something else from the ground up.

      I do agree with what Alan says. Furthermore your own trackplan will better suit your needs or the changes you want to do. You could set your trackplan on the basis of what you find in a book such as "101 Trackplans for Modelrailroaders" (Kalmbach), and then carry out any needed modification if ever, what is rather impossible with a preformed layout...


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