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62934Re: Noch's Tessin layout

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  • Garth Hamilton
    Aug 3, 2009
      Hi Steve

      2,7va means 2.7 volt amps but you do not see this listed on most wall transformers in North America. Instead of va they are rated in milliamps (ma). To run one engine usually 500 milliamps is moe than sufficient and anything up to 1000 milliamps is fine. If you were going to use the wall transformer for a home layout and run multiple engines you might go as high as 1500 milliamps. 1000 ma = 1 amp 1500 ma - 1.5 amp and 500ma = half an amp.

      The main consideration in choosing which wall transformer to use is that the greater the power available the quicker damage occurs if you have a short. In general 500ma is enough to run two engines with the new style motors and enough to run a single engine with older style motors in Z.

      As an indication of the what can happen with excess potential power, consider this, at 9vdc and 20 amps you can weld code 55 rail together. Once welded if the power is maintained it will turn the joint red in colour and that is red as in very hot like an element on the stove top or a soldering gun.

      cheerz Garth

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Uwe Liermann <maillist@...> wrote:
      > Hello Steve,
      >> http://www.noch.de/de/produktkatalog/artikel_detail.php?shop_artikelid=2471722&navi_Kategorie1=&navi_Kategorie2=&navi_Kategorie3=
      > this is a controller for Z-scale I haven't heard about before, but I
      > believe it is a controller somewhere in the reach of the ZThek or the
      > J├Ârger De Luxe or any other controller that works in those ranges. If
      > you get this controller it will work with any power source that
      > delivers the above mentioned output of 9V, 2,7 VA. As Garth wrote the
      > ZThek controller would work perfect with the correct power source.
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