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62933Re: [Z_Scale] Noch's Tessin layout

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  • Uwe Liermann
    Aug 3, 2009
      Hello Steve,

      For any information about those Noch preformed layouts the website of
      Noch http://www.noch.de is always a great help. Even if the plans are
      only available in German you can see a lot on them. This layout is
      also available as a pure layout and as a version mounted in a

      The layout looks really nice (besides: as far as I remember the version
      Tirol is the same layout just in a winter scenery), but I would like
      to warn you about some pitfalls while laying track. I just tried to
      draw the layout with my track planing software Raily 4. I tried to use
      the sections according to the plan to be found here:


      When I saw the outcome on my screen I did understand why the
      instruction reads:

      > "Beim Befestigen der Gleise mussen die Schienenstosse ausgeglichen
      > werden."

      This means that you have to take extra care to get the joints right,
      and probably you will have to cut some sections into the proper
      length. Even if I take into account that I created the plan in just 2
      dimensions without the grades, I can't see how just including the
      grades would stretch the plan into a perfect fit. Just try it
      yourself. I also don't understand why they include two sections 8592
      (lenght adjustable sections 100-120mm) into the layout when you have
      to cut some sections anyway. My recommendation would be to use
      flextrack for most of the layout.
      The instructions reads also that this layout is only meant for short
      running stock meaning something like the BR89 or the railbus or such
      Another detail is that there are no feeder tracks included, but at two
      places is written that you have to solder the wire to the tracks.

      I also learned something new:

      > "Fur Netzbetrieb Noch-Steckernetzgerat Nr. 88170 verwenden."

      this is a wall plug transformer that is used as a power source. It is
      for the European market. Any wall plug transformer that has an output
      of 9V, 2,7 VA will work. And the new thing for me is the:

      Art.Nr: 88161 Reglerbausatz elektronisch:


      this is a controller for Z-scale I haven't heard about before, but I
      believe it is a controller somewhere in the reach of the ZThek or the
      J├Ârger De Luxe or any other controller that works in those ranges. If
      you get this controller it will work with any power source that
      delivers the above mentioned output of 9V, 2,7 VA. As Garth wrote the
      ZThek controller would work perfect with the correct power source.

      The layout is also meant to be used with two controllers. One for the
      outside loop, and one for the inside loop.

      Finally: Stecker-Buchse means the connection for the power source.
      This can either be a wall plug transformer or a battery box of any
      kind that delivers 9V. The drawing of the wiring for the controller is
      pretty clear, but the drawing of the battery box is a little beyond
      what I understand that is meant, except that there are two wires
      coming out from the box....

      Steve, if you have more instruction papers besides the plan I linked
      above I can help translating the instructions if you need that.

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