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62916Re: The POINTS are AZL's to address

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  • Garth Hamilton
    Aug 1, 2009
      While Rob and I may spar passionately on the merits of the MTL switch I have to agree with him on this one. This is not AZL's problem. The AZL product was manufactured in good faith without prior knowledge of the technical specifications of the switch from MTL and as such Dan has put it in perspective rather well. Wheel gauge is some thing we all have to address. The sad part is we are not all as capable as others when it comes to making these changes particularly on something like a GS4, BigBoy or Challenger. While a GP7, GP9, SD75 and F7's maybe easy for many of us, but the other three are a real challenge for the vast majority or us. While I feel certain I can adjust the back to back on AZL's prized Steamers and brass, I just won't do it, cause I can't afford to replace them if I should screw it up. The rest are fair game in my book.

      cheerz Garth

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, ztrack@... wrote:
      > Sorry, but you have completely missed the point. This not an AZL versus MTL
      > issue and please stop trying to make it so. Marklin locos have issues. Even
      > MTLs GP35 and GP9 have known to have issues. Think I am making this up?
      > Just ask the dealers who have taken back MTL turnouts from disappointed
      > customers. Or the folks at MTL you have received turnouts back from customers for
      > repair and replacement. I know one customer who returned 26 turnouts. This
      > was not about AZL.. this was about all locos. This is about a product that was
      > marketed for the masses... but has turned out to be optimal for just one
      > product line.
      > No this is not an AZL versus MTL issue. Time to get over it and stop tying
      > to ignite a fire that is not there. This is about products that need
      > improvement. They are not new. They have been around for years. If you are happy
      > with these turnouts, then that is a good thing. Just don't try and create a
      > yard with powered MTL turnouts. That won't happen. Think I am kidding... try
      > it. If you find this acceptable, then again, good for you. I am happy they
      > work for your needs. But they won't work for everyones needs. But Don's point
      > are very valid. Maybe they weren't designed to work with all products.
      > As for turnouts that will work for all locos. We don't need $150.00 AZL
      > turnouts... we already have them. They are from Marklin. But, I also highly
      > recommend the Fast Track line and the new Proto 87 line. There is real
      > potential for great #6 and larger turnouts if you are willing to make your own.
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