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62882Re: [Z_Scale] Re: MTL Switch grinding

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  • ztrack@aol.com
    Jul 31, 2009
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      No this does not include any AZL products prior to 2008. Starting last
      year, AZL new releases moved away from their tradition wheel width to a new
      width to accommodate the MTL turnouts. AZL has no plans to change any wheel
      widths on their existing inventory.

      Also note, steam locos have rigid frames and are less forgiving of tight
      turnouts, especially on the curved portion. I can completely understand how
      Reynard may have difficulties with his GS4 going through MTL turnouts. there
      are quite a lot of wheels on a rigid frame moving through very tight quarters
      on the MTL turnouts. Having some play between the rail guards and the rail
      does make a huge difference. Even if the gauging is right on, it still may
      not completely solve the issue of a large rigid frame loco running through
      these turnouts. We will know more once the Challenger hits the market later
      this year.


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